Here are a few future releases of note:

Eduard: 1/48 Macchi C.202 & C.205.

Italeri: A new tool 1/32 Macchi C.200 Saetta to follow their recent 1/32 C.202 Folgore

Vespa Models: 1/48 Caproni Vizzola F6.M & F6.Z (resin)

SBS Models: 1/48 Macchi M.33 (resin)

Recent releases worth checking out are:

AMP: Piaggio Pegna P.7 and Macchi MC.72

Dora Wings: Savoia S.55. Three boxings of a highly detailed kit of this distinctive twin-hulled seaplane.

ICM: 1/32 FIAT Cr.42. A series of boxings covering most variants. An impressive, highly detailed injection moulded kit.

Italeri: 1/32 Macchi C.202 Folgore. Not perfect, as online reviews suggest, but still one to consider.

Metallic Details: 1/144  Fiat Cr.42, Fiat G.50 & Reggiane RE.2000 3-D printed models.

SBS Model: 1/72 Caproni Vizzola, FIAT G.50 and Schneider seaplanes. Beautifully cast, highly detailed resin kits.

Silver Wings: 1/32 FIAT Cr.32 and 1/48 Macchi M.41 (resin)

Special Hobby: 1/48 Reggiane RE.2005 & updated ex-Classic Airframe Fiat Cr.32, IMAM Ro.37 & RE.2000.

Sword: 1/72: FIAT G.55 and Reggiane series.  1/48: RE.2001 & RE.2005.

Look out too for releases from Fabrimore-Soldier who bought out Italiankits.. They plan to re-issue various items subject to demand. They have already released a 1/48 resin kit of the Piaggio Pegna P.7.


Regia Aeronautica kits from the following are a pretty safe bet when comes to either accuracy and/or subject matter of interest.


Choroszy Modelbud

Marsh Models 'Aerotech' Schneider series

Planet Models

SBS Models

Special Hobby


These companies have long since ceased trading and their products are very much missed!


NOIX Models

Italian Classic


I found these kits had too many issues to make them a worthwhile purchase.

Airfix Savoia S.79 Sparviero & Fiat G.50 (a few shape errors)

Aviation USK FIAT RS-14 (major shape errors)

Delta2 Savoia S55X (very crude moulding)

Delta2 Campini-Caproni (crude moulding & shape errors)

Delta2 Macchi MC.72 (shape errors)

Dujin Stipa-Caproni (shape errors)

Fly Models Caproni Ca.101 (crude moulding)

Hasegawa FIAT G.50 (poor details)

Italian Wings Piaggio P.119 (shape errors)

Italeri Reggiane RE.2002 (shape errors)

LF Models IMAM Ro.1 (crude moulding)

LF Models Caproni Ca.101 (crude moulding)

LF Models Caproni Ca.331 (shape errors)

Supermodels CANT Z.1007bis (major shape errors)