A fair number of Regia Aeronautica aircraft in kit form were very limited run and were available for a short time only.

Alphaflight - Highly detailed 1/72 & 1/48 resin kits that were ambitious in scope.

Classic Airframes - Special Hobby have since re-issued some of their products.

E.P. Originals - Their 1/48 S.79, RE.2001 & RE.2002 resin kits were short-lived and high quality.

Italian Classic - All their products were complex and highly highly detailed.

NOIX Models - Cleanly moulded 1/48 resin kits of most of the Schneider Trophy floatplanes.









Aviation USK/Xotic72 1/72 Savoia SM.84.

This has been OOP for a while and fetches high prices on eBay. It is a decent enough kit and is the only one known in this scale.

Classic Airframe 1/48 IMAM Ro.37.

The distinctive scheme is an early pre-war example that needed careful application. This model has since been re-issued by Special Hobby.

Flying Machines 1/48 FIAT G.50.

The best G.50 kit in this scale, produced in partnership with Special Hobby, who also went on to release a series of 1/32 kits.

Museum Models 1/72 IMAM Ro.57.

This high quality resin kit has been OOP for a good number of years now. Special Hobby's 1/72 & 1/48 kits are also OOP and just as rare.

Falcon Models 1/48 Reggiane RE.2005 Sagittario.

Originally issued as a vacform kit, this is their rather crudely moulded injection moulded version. I have since converted this model into the RE.2006, featured elsewhere on this website. Flying Machines 1/48 RE.2005 was the first good quality 1/48 kit to be released but it is OOP. Sword and Special Hobby have since released more up to date high quality models in the same scale.

Airfix 1/72 Savoia S.79 Sparviero.

Until Italeri released a series of 1/72 kits of this iconic aircraft, the one other choice in this scale was the elderly Airfix kit, which gets an occasional re-issue. The model in the image above had many aftermarket parts added including a complete resin wing.