The top six images are of the 1/48 Piaggio Pegna PC.7 kit, which is part of the ongoing Schneider Trophy series that Mikro-Mir, through their AMP label, are gradually working their way through (next up is the Macchi MC.72 in both 1/48 and 1/72!). The big problem with this kit is its scale. Comparing dimensions against published data suggest its scales out closer to 1/50. It does not matter really as the kit has some very good qualities and a few maybe not so good. The big plus is that all trailing edges have some of the finest scale appropriate thicknesses I have come across in an injection moulded kit. The decals are OK, but the fasce needs to be replaced. The cockpit is tiny, as is the seat which is almost 1/72 scale. The kit suffers some flash and on some parts there are thick mould seams that need cleaning up to get a good fit. Most internal detail will be lost to view unless the modeller wishes to leave the engine covers off the model.  The two lower images are the of the OOP 1/72 Vintage Models resin kit. SBS Models has just relesed an all new resin kit in this scale and is well worth its high retail price, despite being a very small kit in this scale.

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